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Social Media in the World of Web 3.0

Social Media

Social media is changing dramatically. The advent of the Metaverse, following the recent surge in uptake Web 3.0’s decentralised browsers have seen, means marketers have to be smart and adaptable in their approach. New platforms, plus a new role for existing ones such as Twitter, and the potential of Instagram and TikTok to publicise NFTs, mean a new understanding of social media’s relevance is required.

Here at Maximist, we are experts in building communities. That ability to create and manage those communities, on platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, is why we’ve managed to attract a number of successful brands since our inception. Communicating effectively with key stakeholders online, including influencers, community members, and the brands themselves, lies at the heart of just about everything we do.

What makes social media marketing so effective?

The main difference between social media marketing and other forms of online advertising is the context. While content marketing, SEO, and even email marketing are all tailored towards giving people what they’re looking for (or have signed up to), social media marketing has the ability to cross over into people’s day-to-day lives like nothing else.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok – the one thing these platforms have in common is downtime. People scroll through their newsfeeds when they’re sitting in front of the TV, traveling, or just looking to fill five minutes. A perfectly tailored ad, targeted to a specific audience, could hardly pop up at a better time.

How we approach social media marketing

Given the unique nature of social media marketing, it is essential to make every aspect of the strategy tailored. That means tailoring it to your business’ goals and to your target audience; failing to properly target either of these areas will make any social media strategy extremely unlikely to succeed. Whether the primary goal of your social channels is to make actual sales or just to raise the profile of your brand, that intent needs to be the driving force behind all key decisions.

At Maximist, we start with the end in mind. Our strategies are formed with one thing at the forefront of every consideration: you. Following an official business review and audit of your digital presence, we will put together a range of recommended social packages. From then on, you’ll receive monthly reports and have an in-house account manager assigned to your business.

Like the sound of it? Give us a call on 0800 059 0116 to get the conversation started. We’ll get to know a bit more about you and understand what your goals are, and take things from there.

We look forward to hearing from you.