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Web3 is coming.

Whilst many businesses are aware of this evolution, they are not in a position to truly embrace this change and to capitalise on the wealth of revenue opportunities it has in store. 

Since its inception, the internet has changed consumer behaviour. But have you truly considered the impact it has had on the world of businesses and corporations, the number of industries that have been completely reinvented, and the number of incumbents that no longer exist?

Will your business survive and prosper as the world transitions to Web3? 

The Evolution of the Travel Industry

Take the travel industry and ponder it for a moment; a pre-internet traveler would have had to visit a travel agent in person or, if they were particularly brave, they may have confirmed their arrangements over the telephone after finding a deal on teletext. They may have then arrived at the destination only to discover the map they purchased from the airport was already out of date, and the restaurant they were heading to has no reviews for a good reason. It is not only hard to think back to these times, but a little scary…

Ponder further and imagine the opportunities that could have been exploited by an inventive travel business that knew how the internet would completely revolutionise the industry. Imagine how they would thrive on early adoption of new technologies. If they had truly understood what was to come, they could even have shaped the future customer experience and accelerated change creating almost unlimited revenue and profit opportunities. 

Web3 and the digital economy will forever change how consumers travel the world. Adoption within the Crypto space is currently 113% per year in terms of users – this is double the adoption rate of the internet at the same stage. Even if adoption slows to a 63% growth rate (which the internet enjoyed at the same stage), we will see 4 billion Crypto users by 2030. 

Our Role as Web3 Digital Marketing Experts

Maximist is a Web3 digital marketing agency that offers the solutions your business requires. The founders of Maximist have been thought leaders in the internet space since 2004, and have established and scaled up several digital agencies and taken them to PE funding and investment. 

Colin Craig, Chief Commercial Officer at Maximist, says “It is indisputable that NFTs will become the technology behind all future ticketing and smart contracts, and that they will form most agreements between businesses and consumers. It is vital that the travel business is ahead of the curve in adopting these technologies”.

Meanwhile Adam Prosser, CEO of Maximist, added “It is vital that travel businesses act today, Web3 is coming and needs to not only be embraced but shaped by leaders within travel. The opportunities to enhance customer experiences and grow revenues have never been greater”.

Is your business ready to embrace this paradigm shift? Is your business well placed to lead the change within travel and Web3? 

Whatever the answer to this you need to engage with the right business and marketing advisors to review your standing and plan for the Web3 opportunities. 

With offices in the UK and Singapore the Maximist team includes strategists, marketers, designers, developers and all the infrastructure required to guide you through the transition to Web3. 

Having studied Crypto currency and Blockchain strategy at Oxford University, Maximist’s founders have an in-depth understanding of the technologies at the heart of this revolution. They have invested millions in the research & development of internet technologies and have developed an unrivalled IP (intellectual property). Maximist offers end-to-end consultancy and implementation. 

To find out more about Maximist and how you could capitalise on Web3, contact the team today.